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Brian Hester

Sifu Brian Hester started his martial arts training in 1981; Brian has been practicing and training the art of Wing Chun in the Orange County and San Diego area for a total of 15 years.

In addition to Wing Chun Brian has also trained a variety of other Martial Arts such as Shaolin Kenpo Karate, Filipino Modern Arnis and Kali, JKD, Uechi-Ryu Karate and Small Circle Jujitsu. It was his desire  to cross train with other Martial Arts


Having a Coaching Certification under Sifu Gary Lam, over the past few years of training he has created his own Curriculum which has additional influences from David Peterson and Barry Lee lineages.

We are following the lineage of Wong Shun Leung and the concepts of Sifu Gary Lam, David Peterson and Barry Lee.  All three of these individuals bring different aspects to our Curriculum.


Gary Lam brings the concept of having everything within a listed, structured and logical format to the curriculum.  Many drills are still within our curriculum but in a more direct and combative way.

David Peterson brings the glue to the curriculum.  Very meticulous, thought-out details. Having a background as one of Wong Shun Leung’s Interpreters, he has broken things down to every detail for every movement.

Barry Lee brings the power, the directness of training and the non-stop chasing of center. Barry Lee has a mentality of never stop, never give up and chase your opponent until he surrenders.

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