[William Roques]  2022

"I've been training with Sifu Hester for 3 years now. As someone who has come from various martial arts backgrounds both in striking and grappling, you can see what is bad martial arts and what is good. Wing Chun has a lot of really bad teachers out there but this school does justice to true Wing Chun in that we learn the tradition but only apply what works in real time. We drill, spar, use padded gear for applied combat and get creative with how we look at Wing Chun and keep an open mind and discussion constantly going so that we all keep each held accountable so we don't fall prey to bad practices. Sifu Hester's teaching aims to keep us mentally and physically prepared at all times to remind us that this is not a game and when a fight happens you must always operate at the highest capacity to make sure you are capable of defending yourself. I will continue to stay within his program for many years as I feel the more I learn, the less I know. True mastery comes from your ability to look at yourself without bias and work on yourself and every martial art practice should be built in the foundation of that same principle."

[Derek Chow] 2022

I came from 20+ years of Wing Chun training in New York. After moving to California, I was looking for a group of people to continue practicing with—perhaps learn a few new techniques from a different lineage. What I found was a solid Wing Chun family that I truly love training with. Sifu Brian is extremely open minded: focusing only on techniques and theories that work and leaving what does not behind. The curriculum is robust and well planned—suitable for beginners or experienced practitioners. I thought I knew it all but have already adopted many ideas in the first year to integrate with my previous training.

[James Torres] 2022

Clean and centrally located OC school. Solid class curriculum, teacher, and students. 

I like the combination of drills and one-on-practice with other students. The class has a good pace and keeps your attention. Fully stocked gym and flexible hours.

[Kelly Robinson] 2020

This is a very different experience to all other martial arts clubs I have experienced. I truly look forward to hanging out with the guys and what Brian has done, very cleverly in my opinion, is truly embrace the meaning of the word club.

[Ian Lam] 2019

This is a no BS version of "how to fight". Brian Hester is a top student of Gary's and teaches with his blessing. Brian is one of the most anal people I know and he truly lives and breathes Wing Chun all day long


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Sifu Brian Hester

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