School Instructor's

Sifu Brian, Head Instructor

Brian Hester

Brian Hester started his martial arts training in 1981; Brian has been practicing and training the art of Wing Chun in the Orange County and San Diego area for a total of 10 years.

Brian has been studying Wing Chun under the direction of Sifu Gary Lam for the past 7 years.  Attaining a Level 3 status with Sifu Gary Lam Brian continues to train under his direction while running the Orange County Group.


In addition to Wing Chun Brian has trained with a variety of martial arts such as Philipino Modern Arnis, JKD, Uechi-Ryu Karate and Small Circle Jujitsu. It was a desire  to cross train with other Martial Arts in order to give Sifu Brian a diverse Martial Arts back ground.

Desiree, Assistant Instructor

Desiree Lee

Desiree at the age of 10 was inspired by the late Bruce Lee and his fighting style. Being half way across the world, her culture would not allow a young girl to participate in this type of activity. It wasn't until she came to the United States years later that she was able to take martial arts classes. At the time she was not able to find a Wing Chun school and took Kenpo Karate. Years later she extensively took Wing Chun of a different lineage. Martial Arts was put on hold due to her pursuit of an advanced degree. Her passion for Wing Chun never diminished and was fortunate to find the Gary Lam Wing Chun system, which she has learned first hand to be superior to other systems. Currently, she is a level 3 and takes both private and open classes.